See You Tonight 2.11 or Tomorrow 2.12

Big Rock Quote and Tree
Tonight 7pm at Big Rock (10700 Rodney Parham Little Rock Arkansas72212)
This will be my first exploration of Yin and Yang styles combined. Please note this is a different offering then the community class, as always all are welcome and cost is listed at

The class: A heated room, powerful flow of the rigorous Baptiste ‘Journey into Power’ sequence, with an extended amount of class time focused on gentle, restorative, body opening stretches. The intention of the class is to bring our focus to Ahimsa, the act of nonviolence, both to the self and others through the moving mediation of yoga. This class provides power, heat, hands on adjustments, readings from yogic texts and a unique setting, allowing us to practice in a circle, creating a mandala with our bodies.

 Tomorrow 2.12.15 Community Class

Water Pic with Caregiver Info


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