Yamas and Niyamas a Yin Sequence: Moving Meditation


Supported Child’s Pose
Nonviolence: Courage demands our best self

Down dog
Hands to feet
Forward fold

(Each practice building fire through your foundation, core and breath. Can you begin to heat your body while standing still?)
Exploring: Tapas, Saucha-purity

Gentle transition to the top of the mat

Tree Pose
(Each facing away from one another, exploring the pose)
Exploring: Nonstealing, Contentment & Truthfulness
(Finding our authentic voice. Allowing it to appear.)

Forward fold
Gently lower yourself to the mat
Come onto your back

Supported Suptabada Kanasana
(bolster or block supporting each leg)
Exploring: Nonexcess and Nonviolence (allowing our bodies natural expansion and rest)

Bring knees together
Windshield wiper your legs
Move bolsters from mat
Grab blocks or a block

Supported Bridge
(Block(s) resting on sacrum, keep alignment, allow blocks to support pose)
Exploring: Nonpossessiveness (trusting breath, Feeling our bodies supported, returning to our breath)

Remove blocks set them to the side
Bring bolsters to you
Straight back, both legs long, spine alignment
Hands on hips
Fold from hips

Supported Seated Forward Fold
(bolster(s) resting on legs)
Exploring: Saucha-Purity (hold each scattered thought that comes to mind and breathe)

Shared Shavasana-A Human Mandala
(Coming into savasana, reaching your arms up and over your bodies, forming a triangle using your index fingers and thumbs, touching or not touching)
Exploring: Ishvara Prandidhana-Surrender