Backyard Yoga

Originally started as a part of a support group, for parents and other caregivers. I meet people where they live and play. Their metaphorical or literal backyard. We practice Vinyasa yoga with sequences tailor made for true beginners.

Backyard Yoga is yoga for the person who might not go into a yoga studio. It is a place where you feel most comfortable. We call it our backyard. I work primarily with beginners and those who want gentle practices.

It is a great practice to share with friends, families, coworkers, etc. We can be indoors or outdoors.

What I Offer:

I will come to you and provide gentle, beginner level practice, created with you and your friends in mind.

I have lots of quality mats I will bring, for no additional fee.

I ask for a minimal fee to reserve 60 minutes of my time, including set up, practice and clean up ($25) and $5 additional dollars a person. No travel fees for anything in or very near (15 mi) of my home base (Little Rock or Cabot).

If you have questions, or are interested in scheduling simply email me at rachel()ann()townsend(at)gmail(dot)com and I will give you a formal quote.

I will Paypal invoice you. I will ask for 1/2 the quoted cost up front.

To cancel I will not refund the 1/2 upfront cost. If you inform me 48 hours in advance of a need to cancel a scheduled event I will not charge you for the full quoted cost.

If you are a non profit, work for a non profit, have a community organization or are a volunteer group, I offer a very limited number of reduced & free appointments. The 2015 year has been completely book for the greatly reduced rate. 2016 appointments are still available.

All body’s are welcome. It is a space where adjustments and accommodations are the norm.

You are invited to come as you are, wear your jeans, gym shorts or tight pants.

Caregivers are especially welcome. I invite you to bring your children or if you are care giving for other family members, we will make them comfortable while we practice.

This isn’t a ‘mommy and me’ class and we don’t provide childcare but we love your babies, your elderly and the loves you care for. I hope you will allow them to sit and watch, join you on your mat or play all around us as we breath, stretch and connect.

There is a calendar located here under “Yoga” and ‘Classes’


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