FAQ’s for Yoga Classes

What do I wear to a community class?

Anything. Seriously you can come in jeans or in full workout gear.

Community classes are ambient (room) temperature.

If your visiting me in a studio check and see if it’s a hot class, or email me (rachelanntownsend (at) gmail (dot) com.

In the case of a hot class you might prefer to wear something moisture wicking.

Do I need to know how to do yoga?

Nope. Almost all classes are beginner or introductory level. Also if you let me know you are new to yoga I would love to walk you through some basics and offer modifications or adjustments throughout practice.

Can I eat, drink & be merry before or after class?

maybe. Many traditional forms of yoga recommend not eating 2 or more hours before class or after. While they do Ok, having a piece of fruit or something water rich. This is probably a good general rule for heated or vigorous practices.

For a gentle class eating isn’t going to interrupt your ability to fully participate. While a full meal directly before a class might make you slightly uncomfortable,  a community class will focus on gentle movements and food probably will not interfere with this.You will still be able to participate without setting aside 4 food free hours. Especially if you are coming to caregiver yoga and you are a breastfeeding mom!! Please eat to you and your babies health!

I am being treated by a medical professional, can I come to class?

Always get your physicians approval before beginning any new body work. I have no medical training and can’t access your ability to practice safely.

You are always welcome to come and sit in class with us.Your physical health is important! Please do not put it at risk.

If you need community, you will find it here, by just showing up. You do not have to move, to be in community with those practicing. Sitting and breathing is the foundation of all yoga practices. You are welcome to sit with us and breath.

What if I pass gas (poot, toot, etc :)), wear my shirt inside out, have on the ‘wrong’ clothes, didn’t shave, have a (non contagious) runny nose?

It is all ok! We have all felt uncomfortable in our own skin. Come be with us in your discomfort and know you are in good company.

I have been in the wrong outfit, passed gas, had stubble, had on too much or ‘not enough’ makeup. And felt uncomfortable about it.

While you may record these facts about yourself, I will not. All are welcome, as you are, wherever you are.

I don’t like to be touched and I don’t want to talk about it. What can I do?

Sometimes I have ‘thank you’ or ‘no thank you’ stickers to place by your mat letting me know if it’s ok to touch. There are hundreds of reasons you might not want to be adjusted in class from injury to trauma.

I will make no assumptions about your reasoning if you request no touching. I want to honor your space. Allow me to do that, by simply stating I prefer no adjustments during class.

In Community,



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